Personal Licence Holder – Duties

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Personal Licence Holder – Duties

Change of Address

If you change address you must notify the licensing section of your local Council as soon as reasonably practicable. Your Personal Licence must be returned with the notification and a new licence will be issued.


Wherever in England and Wales you may now decide to live, your licence will be issued or renewed by your existing Council. Do not send your licence to any other Licensing Authority even if you are no longer resident where your original licence was issued. Failure to notify a change of address is an offence.

Duty to Produce Licence

a) The Licensing Authority is required to update your personal licence whenever a change is required as a result of a notification from you or a Court. The Licensing Authority may require you to produce your licence within a period of 14 days. Failure to provide your licence to the Licensing Authority is an offence.

b) You must provide your personal licence for examination by a Police Constable or an authorised officer of the Licensing Authority whenever you are engaged in the supply or sale of alcohol. Failure to produce the licence for examination is an offence.

Theft, loss, etc of personal licence

Where your personal licence has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you may apply to the licensing authority for a copy of the licence. A fee is payable for this service.

Surrender of licence

If you wish to surrender your personal licence you must return the licence to the Licensing Section of the Council that issued the licence, together with a signed letter stating that you wish to surrender the licence.

Conviction after Grant of Licence

a) If you appear in Court on a charge relating to a relevant offence, you must produce your licence to the Court. If you cannot produce your licence, you must notify the Court that you are a personal licence holder.

b) If you are informed that you have been granted a personal licence after your first appearance in Court, you must inform the Court at the next hearing that you are now a personal licence holder.

c) Where you have produced your licence to the Court, or notified them of its existence, you must also notify the Court at your next appearance, if any of the following events have occurred:

d) If you are convicted of a relevant offence the Court may order the forfeiture or suspension of your licence. The Court will notify the Licensing Authority.

e) You are required to notify the Licensing Authority who issued your personal licence, of any convictions for a relevant offence. The notification must provide the nature and date of conviction and the sentence imposed. Your personal licence must be returned with the notification. Failure to make this notification is an offence.

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