Licensed Special Events, British Summertime and Trading Hours

Licensed Special Events, British Summertime and Trading Hours
Many Premises Licences issued under the Licensing Act 2003 have special conditions for days such as St Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Bank Holidays.  However, there are many other local annual or biannual events that may not feature on your Licence such as local and national carnival events, charity days etc.
All licensable activities to be carried out on these days (liquor, entertainment, late night refreshment) will require authority either from a Premises Licence or Temporary Event Notice.
Premises Licence Holders and Designated Premises Supervisors should double check their Licences to ensure that they have the correct hours and licensable activities to operate such events.  For example, a murder mystery event in a hotel will require a Premises Licence which authorises plays as well as music and the sale of alcohol.
British Summertime officially commences on Easter Sunday this year (31st March 2013) and at 1 am on Sunday morning the clocks will go forward by one hour to 1 am.  It is important to note this time change as this could affect your Saturday night into Sunday morning trading period over the Bank Holiday weekend.
If your Premises Licence does not cover the extra hour for British Summertime (which some do) you will need to have made a Temporary Event Notice to cover this period.
To ensure that you do not miss the deadlines for Temporary Event Notices, your Notice must be with the Council and other authorities by 14th March 2013 (remembering the ten WORKING DAYS notice required).  It would also be possible to make a late TEN but remember to take advice from your local Licensing Officer in the first instance.
For further advice and assistance please contact Hills Licensing by email,