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Children in Licensed Premises

Children in Licensed Premises The old legal requirement for a Childrens Certificate in pub houses has been replaced by a completely different system under the Licensing Act 2003.  It is now at the publican’s discretion as to whether he permits children in his pub or to ban them entirely. There are now two main points to note...
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Licensed Special Events, British Summertime and Trading Hours

Licensed Special Events, British Summertime and Trading Hours Many Premises Licences issued under the Licensing Act 2003 have special conditions for days such as St Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Bank Holidays.  However, there are many other local annual or biannual events that may not feature on your Licence such as local and national carnival...
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Age Restricted Sales

Age restricted sales It is generally well known that the sale of alcohol cannot be made to anyone under 18.  However, there are many other age restricted products on sale that retailers and their staff need to be aware of.  Examples of these products are: Solvents (ie, superglue)              18 Petrol              ...
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Test Purchase – what next?

Test Purchase - what next?

When a test purchase has been failed the Licensing Act 2003 does not require enforcement officers to inform either the Designated Premises Supervisor or the Premises Licence Holder when they detect unlawful sales of alcohol by bar staff or shop workers.  It is for the retailer to ensure that the...
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